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Yey I am so glad that you found my page! To maintain my quality I only photograph a limited number of weddings each year. So if you think that we could be a fit, start by filling out my wedding contact form below. I’d love to get to know you better and nothing excites me more than to receive an email with a story behind it, so don’t be shy to write me yours. I can’t wait to hear about your beautiful day!


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Travel dates

If you didn’t know it, I love to travel! Pack me in your suitcase and I’ll follow you around the world. Please contact me for a custom quote.


APRIL- Amsterdam + Berlin + Rome    MAY- Rhodos    JUNE- Rome
AUGUST- Stockholm    SEPTEMBER- Stockholm    OCTOBER- Stockholm    NOVEMBER- Barcelona    DECEMBER- Stockholm


MARCH- Bali    JUNE- Lake Garda + Sweden


You can write me in: Swedish, Finnish, English or Spanish