ThoughtsDon’t be afraid to dream a little bigger

Tongarino National Park, NZ 2016


I started the year by writing some goals I wanted to achieve for 2017. One of them was to join Junebug Weddings, one of the most popular online wedding publications, where some of the world’s best photographers are promoted. It’s been a goal that I’ve been striving for for a long time, but I never even had the courage to apply as I felt I wasn’t quite “there yet”. I always though, maybe after that I have shot a couple of weddings more or published x amount of shoots. Then I’ll apply.


On Friday, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened my email and read the words: Junebug- you are invited!. Without applying I was contacted by Junebug to join their platform, and in a near future my portfolio will be available on their site.


I am flying on clouds right now. I am so so happy! One item from my bucket list is definitely crossed of.


This is not ment to be a selfpromoting-bragging-lookatme post, but a reminder never doubt yourself and be afraid to loose. Never be afraid to dream a little bigger.


xx Johanna


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